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Check out my random projects, ideas, and efforts that I am working on.

Software Developer during the day, and apparently also at night.

My Projects

Project Website Repistory Description
Sky Hubskyhub.org Tracking software for the masses.
Flux UFOfluxufo.comNot Published.UFO Document Search Engine
Awesome UFOawesome-ufo.com list of UFO resources
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 Sky Hub  is a community of volunteers that is dedicated to developing UAP/UFO Tracking software that enables users to deploy Sky Hub Trackers to help research the UFO/UAP Phenomenon.

Awesome UFO is a curated list of blogs, websites, youtube channels, facebook channels that are focused around discussing UFOs and the UAP Phenomenon.  I've included both pro UFO sites as well as debunkers for completeness.  If you'd like to be added to the list, catch me on twitter.


Flux UFO is a power UFO document search. Flux UFO contains thousands of publicly released UFO documents from governments across the globe that can be easily searched and accessed.

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